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Bucket List: Sloth Orphanage

You may have seen this video floating around online in the past couple of weeks, where baby sloths at an orphanage in Costa Rica are bathed in the cutest and most squee-worthy way possible.

Today, a friend posted another video in which the sloths are just hanging around (literally), doing slothy things in their own slothy ways. I am dying of the cute:

I’m pretty sure both these videos are from the Sloth Sanctuary, a sloth rescue located about 3.5 hours outside of San Jose in Costa Rica. Upon further inspection of the website, I found their become a volunteer section which allows you to spend two weeks supporting the sloth sanctuary through keeping trails clean, feeding (and bathing!) the sloths, and educating the public about the cutest animals ever. My parents visited South America last year and while on a tour, got to hold a sloth. Her name was Maria, and when her owner needed to get a drink or something, he just hung her on the back of a park bench (“what is she going to do, run away?”). The picture of Maria with my dad is one of my favourite pictures ever (it’s a close second to the picture of Maria with my mom, where my mom looks completely terrified and unsure about how to hold her).

So, I’ve decided someday I have to go and volunteer with the sloths for two weeks in Costa Rica. At a cost of $65 a day for accommodations and unlimited access to sloth adorableness (not to mention one day off a week to explore), I can’t not go. But until then, I’m going to consider the Adopt-A-Sloth community program, where you can contribute $25 a month to a sloth’s care. They even send you pictures of how your sloth is doing!

Someday I’ll make it! But hopefully it doesn’t turn out like this:


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