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The intro.

I’ve been talking about starting a personal finance blog for a long time. I think I put it off for so long because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have a unique angle, that I’d be just another 20-something Canadian PF blogger with nothing new to offer. And that may happen, but at least I’ll be active in PF rather than reading everything I can about PF and having no outlet for all my ramblings about it.

However, I like writing and I like Personal Finance, so I’m taking the leap and starting this blog. I hope that by sharing my experiences and opinions and commenting on PF news/articles, I learn more about PF and try to make some kind of career out of it (or at least start taking courses toward a PF-related career, which is another post).

I suspect that it won’t be a strictly PF blog; some of my real life will sneak in here as well. I figure that’ll be ok, because most of my day to day activities relate somewhat to personal finance anyway. How many times can I say personal finance in this intro? A ton, obvs.

Sidenote: Apparently the name “A fistful of dollars” is already taken for a wordpress blog, but it was last posted in in 2008. But, since it’s still around, I’ve had to use the jaunty moniker “A Fistful O’Dollars.” I ain’t mad.


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