Moving is so pedestrian. Literally.

Moving sucks. Everyone knows this. If you’ve seen my twitter feed lately, you’ll know that I’m in the midst of packing up for my big move (in significance, not distance) and it is stressing me out. My feet are tired and sore, and I feel like I spent my whole weekend making trip after trip from my apartment to my car, over and over again, up and down the elevators. Moving is by far, the worst. Ever. I made this ecard to express how I feel at this stage in the process:

image from, caption from yours truly.

There are so many awesome blog posts by PF bloggers and non-PF bloggers alike detailing tips on how to move frugally, the best plan of action, and checklists to make so you don’t forget anything. I haven’t incorporated any of them (except Daisy’s, because I kept linking to it as one of my goals and reading it over and over again). My workflowy account is a maniacal wasteland of things to move, things to clean, things to save for, services to set up, things for Mr. Dollars and the guys with the truck to move, etc etc. People in real life know me as being mega-organized, which I am for the most part, but I honestly feel like I’m losing my mind with every car load I bring over.

My situation is a bit unique in that I’m moving into Mr. Dollars’ apartment, which he currently shares with a roommate. There will be some overlap with our stuff and things will be pretty crowded for a few days next week. However, because we’re keeping the same unit they’re in now, I’ve been able to bring things over gradually.

you know you love itEnter the granny cart. This $10 investment has paid for itself at least ten times over, and is still going. I moved all of my books from my bookshelf with it, my wii, my dvd player, the list goes on. We only live 1km apart so it’s a great way to get exercise and move my shit at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still renting a car next weekend so I can move the bigger items like boxes etc (and I have for the past two weeks in a row), but I have less to move now and I feel a lot better about the whole thing.

As much as I can feel better, anyway.

Moving sucks.


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16 responses to “Moving is so pedestrian. Literally.

  1. moving sucks so bad I’m never doing it again.

    Next time I have to move I’m just going to pay someone to pack it all and haul it to my new place, then I’m going to pay someone else to clean my apartment, and I’ll just supervise the whole thing with a cocktail.

    • I’m going to post about this, but that was my plan initially and then I got quotes from moving companies and couldn’t bring myself to do it for a 1km move!

      Luckily, the guys are coming on Saturday to get the rest of it so maybe I’ll be able to kick back with a glass of wine while they move everything (ha! That’ll never happen. I can dream).

  2. Your granny cart is eco friendly too! We don’t want to move out of our apartment until we buy a place. We got scared from moving the last time. But every time we move, I find that I forget about how horrid moving is and brave it again in a short year or two. Are you done?

    • Good point! Going green while moving, it should be a thing.

      Not done yet, hopefully will be finished by Saturday night, but then the cleaning starts (at both places). Sigh.

      I’ve moved something like 14 times in the past 8 years, and it never gets easier no matter how organized I feel!

  3. The first time I moved to my own place, I actually moved most of my stuff using only reusable bags instead of boxes. Sounded like a good idea at first but not so much. Definitely got boxes the next move, and a van instead of just using my BFs car. Happy moving!

    • Thanks! It went well. During my moves in and out of residence in Alberta, my dad insisted I pack my clothes in trash bags so that there would be more space for other stuff. It worked well, but you really had to make sure you kept track of which bags had clothes and which had garbage or you’d be in trouble! For the most part, I got my boxes from the recycling pile at work which has worked out well the past two moves!

  4. belowhermeans

    I have no problem at all with packing and unpacking but the actual MOVING? I’d rather do almost anything else.

  5. mochiandmacarons

    Hate, hate HATE moving.

    This is why I try and keep my stuff to a minimum. It’s just awful otherwise. Every time I move, I vow to get rid of more and more stuff.

  6. Going minimalist for basically this reason. I acknowledge I will have to move out of my parents’ house someday, and I’d like to make that load as light as possible.

    In fact, I should just get 5 good sized boxes/containers and make it my goal to be able to fit ALL my possessions in those. My fold-up-cot included.

    My clothes would probably fit one all themselves, but hmmm… If I got a container with slide-out drawers, that could not only help me pack faster by already having my clean clothes “packed” but also help my closet look like it hasn’t been attacked by a closet monster!

    My collection of possessions is already fairly small, so that’s good! :)

  7. I hear ya. I hate every aspect of moving, packing and unpacking. I had to do a LOT of it in school, cause I chose to do the work study option in my program. School for four months, move back home briefly, then move to city where I’d be working in, then move back home briefly and move back to school. It was such a pain. The family mini van came in handy though.

    Even just moving into my apt was a b*tch. They didn’t have an actual moving elevator. Trying to fit my queen size bed into the normal elevator was quite the challenge.

    • Small elevators are the WORST. You think you can make it, because hey, there’s an elevator! But no, PSYCHE! I’m still unpacking now and I’m ready to be done. We’re hosting a party on labour day weekend so that’s my end goal, the light at the end of the tunnel!

  8. Moving is up there with deaths of those close to you as one of life’s most stressful events.

    But it can be quite fun arranging everything in your new place!

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