May goals.

Another month, another goal post. Here’s what’s on the docket for May:

Financial goals

  • Contribute $192.30 biweekly to my Emergency Fund
  • Put all “found money” toward my computer fund
  • No impulse purchases during the month
  • Record all spending in weekly reports
  • Review savings goals for 2012, make adjustments as necessary

Personal goals

Pipe dreams on my fridge. Someday I'll legit meal plan.

I’ve kept my goals the same for the most part. My financial ones are working pretty well for me, so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Keeping up with my google reader daily AND writing posts has been a bit of a failure, so I’ve eliminated it for now. I’m getting closer to the move, so it’ll be slightly easier to plan. We’ll see how I do with the impulse purchasing, as I had absolutely no self control in April but will have to exercise at least some for May. We have a road trip to a wedding next week, and I’m hoping to keep costs low on that. We’ll see.

What are your goals for May?


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6 responses to “May goals.

  1. belowhermeans

    You and I should do Manicure Sunday posts to be accountable. I’m struggling with not having my pretty gels anymore and haven’t even painted my sad hands.

    • Aw, when I first had mine off I felt really bare, and almost unprofessional since I’d had them on for so long! It gets better though, promise. I like the idea of manicure Sunday posts!

  2. Making a moving plan will help so much! Thanks for linking to me :O)

  3. I’m so bad with keeping my nails nice! I always bite them.

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