Spending Report: April 15 – 21, 2012

April 15: $30 Starbucks card reload, $27.96 brunch

April 16: no spend day!

April 17: no spend day!

April 18: $41.98 nail polish & strengthener, $57.70 Dress911, $25.72 Shoppers Drug Mart, $44.63 The Bay, $76.65 refunded from MAC

April 19: $8.07 lunch

April 20: $4.19 lunch, $8.53 Starbucks (on loaded sbux card so not included in my total)

April 21: $32.99 Groceries

Grand total: $196.59

I know, I know. April is supposed to be a clothes shopping ban, and there’s a charge from Dress911 there. It’s for a dress that I’ve been waiting for that came back in stock this week, and I was afraid I’d lose it. I’ve also started yet another quest for the perfect foundation and this could get expensive. I had some momentsoff weakness this week while I was in the mall, but I managed to walk away from the cute tops & pretty cardigan. Phew!

How was your week? Any suggestions for a foundation with magical mattifying properties (sold in Canada)?


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9 responses to “Spending Report: April 15 – 21, 2012

  1. I’ve been having the hardest time with keeping my spending under control with all of the cute clothes that are out there lately!

    • I know right! May is a three paycheque month for me, and I’ve really been trying to not spend that extra paycheque before I get it, but it’s hard! I feel like I have savings fatigue and I want to rebel.

  2. These kinds of spending reports make me glad to be a guy :)
    I can’t say I’m dying to buy the latest fashions and definitely don’t spend anything on things like makeup.

    • What I wouldn’t give to not have to wear makeup (and yes I realize I can go without, I just prefer not to do that because I look like the walking dead without mascara and blush)!

      • I’m sure that’s not true. Us guys appreciate the effort that women put into looking good though. We’re just glad that we don’t have to go through all that.

  3. I just started budgeting. You have days specifically set aside to not spend, or does it just happen that way?

    • Nah, it just tends to happen that way. Some people plan out no-spend days, but I forget about things I need to buy way too often to do that. Most of the time I’ll just realize that I haven’t spent anything and it’s been a no-spend day. Good luck with your budget!

  4. belowhermeans

    For what it’s worth, I believe brunch is a deep investment in personal weekend happiness.

  5. Cait

    I gave myself a $30 Starbucks budget at the beginning of this month and then went over that 2 x $5.32 this weekend… sigh. Guess I’m really done! And Jeremy’s comment is both hilarious and smart. It really does pay to be a guy!

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