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Spending report: April 22 – 28, 2012

April 22: $41.70 groceries, $68.25 cell phone, $70.88 RW&Co, $67.20 Sephora, $24. 15 refunded from the Bay, $17.29 Safeway.

April 23: No spend day.

April 24: $4.73 Rogers.

April 25: No spend day.

April 26: No spend day.

April 27: No spend day.

April 28: $23 Milestones, $12.99 movie ticket, $10 concessions, $10.57 Press’d, $15 Marble Slab.

Grand total: $317.46

Hmmm, looks like I spent mostly on the weekend days this week. I managed to bring lunch to work every day this week, which makes me happy. I have one return to make to RW&Co, but I bought a gorgeous shirt from them for $45 which was completely worth it to me.

Obviously, my shopping ban is out the window. I feel like shopping bans are like diets – if you cut everything out and don’t allow yourself treats in moderation, you’re going to binge. I binged. Like crazy. So I’m going to allow myself non-essential purchases in moderation from now on, as it’s better for my spending habits.

And it’s almost May so I have a few days to complete (or completely fail at) my goals for April. How was your spending this week?


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Clarisionic Mia: Week Eight.

Well, I’ve been using the Mia for two months now, and I’m overdue for another review.

I still love it. I love it so much. For me, I have to use it for the full minute or my skin gets angry. I’ve also found that the circular motion while I’m using it is essential (it seems ridiculously simple, but don’t go in straight lines on your face, do little circles). Don’t get aggressive with it – be gentle! Your face will thank you. I tend to use a significant amount of product with it because I want to make sure that I get a deep cleanse. My pores are still awesomely tiny, and I never would’ve gotten that with the regimen I was using before. And I’m not getting any more of those horrible double header zits!

That being said though, I’m still struggling to find the right combination of products for my skin. Being from British Columbia, I’m naturally predisposed to being a bit of a tree-hugger, but I never thought I’d  go for an all natural skin line. Here I am – I really, really  love Korres. After realizing that maybe cleanser and moisturizer wasn’t enough, I bought the pomegranate toner, and I’m currently testing out a tinted moisturizer to use in the morning, but it seems no matter what I do I end up with an oil slick on my face (especially my nose) by 10:00am. I’m hoping I’ll find the magical combination soon, but until then you’ll be seeing a lot of returns on my spending reports (seriously, I tried MAC’s primer & oil control with SPF 50 and it was a nightmare. Return!). I feel like Sephora’s going to put an asterisk next to my name soon because I try out so many things thinking they’re going to work and end up returning them. I even took back Smashbox’s BB Cream! Sniffle.  Now I’m just sticking to the little sample containers and hoping something works out eventually.

The one awesome thing about having super oily skin? It’s ridiculously inhospitable to wrinkles! Youth forever!

To check out my week one review of the Mia (and for links to other reviews), click here.


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Spending Report: April 15 – 21, 2012

April 15: $30 Starbucks card reload, $27.96 brunch

April 16: no spend day!

April 17: no spend day!

April 18: $41.98 nail polish & strengthener, $57.70 Dress911, $25.72 Shoppers Drug Mart, $44.63 The Bay, $76.65 refunded from MAC

April 19: $8.07 lunch

April 20: $4.19 lunch, $8.53 Starbucks (on loaded sbux card so not included in my total)

April 21: $32.99 Groceries

Grand total: $196.59

I know, I know. April is supposed to be a clothes shopping ban, and there’s a charge from Dress911 there. It’s for a dress that I’ve been waiting for that came back in stock this week, and I was afraid I’d lose it. I’ve also started yet another quest for the perfect foundation and this could get expensive. I had some momentsoff weakness this week while I was in the mall, but I managed to walk away from the cute tops & pretty cardigan. Phew!

How was your week? Any suggestions for a foundation with magical mattifying properties (sold in Canada)?


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My first experience with tailoring.

I fell in love with a blazer by Jessica Simpson a few weeks ago. It was an adorable, navy blazer with white polka dots. I saw it online and thought it was cute, but was blown away when I saw it in store on a lunch break. I couldn’t try it on then, but I obsessed over it – it consumed my thoughts for days. Each day I couldn’t make it to the store was a day wasted without my perfect blazer.


Finally, I made it back to The Bay. And then, the fateful moment when I finally found it in my size. I couldn’t get my ass to the changing room fast enough to put it on.

After that? The letdown. Continue reading


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Spending Report: April 8 – 14, 2012

April 8: Accidental no spend day?

April 9: $5 Komox Grind.

April 10: $37.14 Hot Chocolates, $12 Sky Shuttle, $6.59 Subway.

April 11:  $31.98 Groceries, $15.02 sushi, $4.36 lunch.

April 12: $5 breakfast & coffee.

April 13: Accidental no spend day?

April 14: $37 Groceries

Grand Total: $154.09

I need to work on my accuracy with spending reports! I’m sure there are a pile of receipts in the bottom of my purse right now that would help with that, but to be honest I’m far too lazy to go dig through them. Which is obviously my downfall.

However! I got some sweet 50% off Easter Chocolate on Tuesday, and spent a bunch on groceries without really having a plan. Someday I will have a meal plan! Mr. Dollars is away most of this week so I’ll be able to plan out my meals with at least some certainty. I’m planning on making this on Monday or Tuesday, and eating leftovers throughout the week. Breakfast for dinner is one of my favourite things to eat, so on Wednesday I think I’ll try my hand at these Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. As previously mentioned, I’ve been in a funk lately and I want to get back to the things I like to do, and what I like to do is bake and cook. Hopefully doing some of that this week will get me feeling back to normal.

How was your week, spending wise?


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