At Home DIY Beauty

Last weekend, I put guacamole in my hair, and it was awesome.

Let me explain. I found Lauren Conrad’s website for all things beauty, TheBeautyDepartment. I did Hair Bootcamp, and part of it was to mix half of an avocado with some olive oil and put it in your hair as a very thick, guacamole-like masque. Classy! As I mentioned on twitter, I was really glad Mr. Dollars wasn’t around to bear witness to my ridiculousness.

I wrapped my hair in saran wrap and heated it up with a hair dryer, and let it sit. I had green goop dripping off my head for a solid hour. But let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. My hair was soft, shiny, and oh so flouncy after I was done. Then I added some argan oil, and oo-la-la, I was tres fabulouso dahlings.

While my head was fermenting, I did a homemade sour cream and honey mask I got from Fabulously Fru-Girl. My face is still nice and soft, and I’ve actually  noticed a decrease in my breakouts. Before I put the mask on, I exfoliated very gently with a brown sugar and olive oil scrub. It was ah-mah-zing.

I want to take better care of my face and my hair, and using at home DIY stuff makes it really easy (and fun! I get to zone out at home and not worry about paying for anything at the end of my spa experience). I promised myself if I didn’t buy clothes for all of February, I would buy myself a Clarisonic Mia, since I’ve read so many good things about it. I’ll also be due for some new makeup around that time, so I’ll be hitting up Sephora in a big way come March 1st!


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9 responses to “At Home DIY Beauty

  1. ooh.. I’ve been eyeing a Clarisonic Mia as well. I’d love to try a DIY hair or face treatment, I’m so nervous that I’ll have a bad reaction though. I should really give it a try though, I’ve been trying different skincare products from Sephora, but haven’t had much luck :(

    • I have been through so many different makeup/facewashing routines it’s insane. I hope that this will be my last major purchase and that I won’t have to worry about my skin anymore, but we’ll see. I’ll definitely do a review of the Mia once I get it!

  2. I’m so glad you liked the mask!! I need to do one of those. I’ve been neglecting my honey and sour cream mask and have started noticing more black heads popping up.

  3. Oh I am going to try the avocado hair care this weekend! My hair is very dry so I hope it will help! I love homemade cosmetics, no chemicals and more of the good stuff!

  4. Try coconut oil in your hair next time. I read a study that said coconut oil absorbs the best into the hair shaft, over olive oil or some other almond oil or something.

    Smells yummy too.

  5. That Clarisonic Mia is a godsend. I love it, but I can’t use it without a cleanser of some sort (it strips my face, I tried with just water and it made me so sensitive and red…)

    I’m trying that sour cream mask when I get back. I’m convinced now.

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