The Ladyshelf.

Another thing that goes along with half living together is not having all the stuff I need to make myself presentable for work in the morning readily available. And it’s a LOT of stuff. I find that whenever I travel I’m always painfully reminded how high-maintenance my beauty and hair routine is; my toiletries and beautifying supplies must weigh at least 5-10lbs. Despite attempts to cut back on this, my skin and hair rebel to the point of mutiny, so I’ve given in to their demands of high-maintenance.

In the interest of laziness, I started a Ladyshelf at Mr. Dollars’ place. Yes, I took over a shelf in his closet and declared it the keeper of all things Lady. I’m talking mascara, eyelash curler, blush, feminine items, deodourant, hairspray, curl creme, combs, brushes, facewashes (yes I have two kinds), EVERYTHING.  My shampoo and conditioner stay in the shower, but if they didn’t, they’d be there too. There are still some things I refuse to purchase for his place, mostly because they cost a ridiculous amount of money to buy (face cream. Surprised?) and I’m willing to make the effort to grab them from my place before I head over there (they’re light, so there’s minimal effort involved). I basically have two of almost everything I use in the morning.

A few months ago, I briefly considered replacing the old hair dryer I have stored in the proximity of the Ladyshelf. If I turn it up to full power, it makes this horrible grating sound that makes me afraid it’s going to spontaneously combust and take me with it. I have no interest in spontaneous combustion, but I also have no interest in replacing something that will be replaced with my real hair dryer when we move in together in less than a year, so I’m at a stalemate. I’m stubborn and cheap, so what I’ve decided to do is not replace it and just use it on the lowest speed possible so the grating sound doesn’t start up and kill us all.

I get this tendency to drive personal property into the ground from my father, but that’s another post. Let’s just say it involves a 17 year old Volkswagen Jetta that will lock you in and then sound its alarm when you try to free yourself. But no no, it’s still a great vehicle! It’ll get you from point A to B no problem as long as you don’t attempt to lock or unlock it, c’mon!


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3 responses to “The Ladyshelf.

  1. This makes me laugh. I had a shelf at my boyfriends before we moved in together, too. Does your hairdryer have fluff in the vents? That’s what happened to mine and when I got it out it was all good.

    I’m the same way – pretty high maintenance that way. Hair tools, makeup, face washes (one exfoliator and one normal), creams etc.

  2. Dear afistfulodollars:
    This is a great read. Like “highlight of my day” kind of great. I think I’m going to read one post daily, two if it’s a crappy day, until I’m through the whole site.

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